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You may notice some changes on this blog soon, I have been updating and changing the designs of some of the greyeyesgabriel brands, this is one of the websites slated for design change to better compliment to the new format. Thank you for your patience during this remodel, it should be worth any hassles and provide a better user experience, along with more to offer than ever before. 

Posted 219 weeks ago

 ...I imagine...

  The essence of innovation is imagination, this company was founded on that concept of imaginative innovation. It all started with an idea to create a new kind of personal branded business, at first focused on advertising and marketing. Eventually moving into web design, graphic design, web development, and marketing; to grow into the central brand of several divisions of the imagination greyeyesgabriel.
  From independent publishing to art & photography, from music to motorsports, greyeyesgabriel international is about quality. We work with some of the best 3rd party providers to provide the best merchandise & services, your satisfaction matters to us. What we sell is ideas, inspiration, and the intellectual property of greyeyesgabriel, we are not limited to the internet and virtual reality, but it is where we are rooted. 
...We create...
  The main focus has always been to help others, greyeyesgabriel learned how to do the majority of what you see here on his own, one of the first projects he took on was to make website where people could purchase products from any store in one place; then along came Amazon, and the FrontDoor project ended. Along the way his focus changed to providing quality products with his designs and artwork, knowing that if he generated an income from what he does and sells online then he could provide more jobs. 
  The best investment anyone can make is in other people, we use 3rd party vendors with our designs on them and sell many different kinds of products. We also offer a variety of services and entertainment, Dj greyeyesgabriel sprung from his love of music and social interactions with bands on MySpace as early as 2006. Our publishing company offers several books authored by Gabriel B. McBride, a.k.a. greyeyesgabriel, with many more planned in the future. 

...You benefit...
  The profits generated go back into funding new projects and services, creating more higher wage jobs, on the job training, and even help with school if necessary. A strong economy depends upon a financially strong community, when people feel secure and appreciated they tend to perform better in life in general. In return quality services and goods are provided to the marketplace, increasing the comforts for all workers.
  We are a young company with large ambitions, with a wide variety of interests, including physics and astrophysics. In other words, seeking safer and more natural forms of electricity, contributing to space exploration and travel, and finding positive ways of inspiring and contributing to society. Our growth is your growth, what benefits one can and should benefit all, so go ahead, check us out. 

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