You might be asking what exactly is it that greyeyesgabriel international does. Well, we are a web company that was started by Gabriel B. McBride in 2008 when he realized the impact that social networks were making on the internet. He had already chosen his username, greyeyesgabriel, and was using it as an OpenID across his growing list of social network accounts. It was then that he set out on a mission to learn how to build a business on this changing horizon of the virtual universe. By 2006 he was already learning how to build websites, how to write in code, about SEO, and basically learning how to be a webmaster; long before there was a degree program for webmasters, and he registered with Google Webmaster Tools. 

  The concept behind greyeyesgabriel international was the unique username which belonged only to Gabriel, no matter where he went, what he signed up for, that username was available to him; so he set out on a mission to brand it, copyright it, and basically become his own international corporation. The rationalization of greyeyesgabriel international was that because of the connectivity of the internet, greyeyesgabriel could be known around the world without even leaving his house; the idea that his websites as well as his username would be used worldwide, thus greyeyesgabriel international was born. This company went through many idea concepts, the first concept was that it would be a website design company; but with the quickly growing market of build your own website builders, that idea passed into other concepts until finally it was just decided to call it a web company. 

  One of the driving factors of greyeyesgabriel international has always been about social integration, social advertising, viral advertising, or as it is otherwise known, word of mouth; which is the oldest known and still most effective and trusted form of advertising, people tend to believe their friends and family and trust them more than a corporation. The very first advertising campaign was called greyeyesgabriel..., but concerns about legal issues, as well as the knowledge that people use other search engines; he finally decided to change the campaign to greyeyesgabriel..., and then started joining as many social networks worldwide as he could find. Then he gathered all of the links to those profiles and his projects onto one web page, his first ever greyeyesgabriel website; a personal profile of himself, the results were awesome. When he searched for greyeyesgabriel, that website was right at the top of the search results and from there you could find greyeyesgabriel wherever he was on the web; it was kind of like a game, a "Where's Waldo" of the internet.  

  So, now that you've had a small history lesson of how greyeyesgabriel international came to be, just what is it that we do? Well, to put it simply, we are a web company; to get a little more detailed, we are a web development company based upon the interests and ideas of Gabriel "greyeyesgabriel" McBride. Another aspect of greyeyesgabriel international is that we utilize many 3rd party applications (apps) across the web, we have even been known to create apps of our own; our web development, or as we like to call it, our webwork, is as unique as greyeyesgabriel himself. One of the things that greyeyesgabriel is known for is his unique perspective of perception, bordering on eccentric, the oddity greyeyesgabriel international is that it is open to limitless possibilities and avenues of growth. Welcome to the new age, we are glad you could join us; have a look around and let us know what you think, thank you for your interest in greyeyesgabriel international. 

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