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Changes & Updates

You may notice some changes on this blog soon, I have been updating and changing the designs of some of the greyeyesgabriel brands, this is one of the websites slated for design change to better compliment to the new format. Thank you for your patience during this remodel, it should be worth any hassles and provide a better user experience, along with more to offer than ever before. 


Consistent Thought

Consistency, back in 2005-2006 I was on this little social network called myspace when it got popular; I met a lot of interesting people from all over the world; musicians, writers, marketing people, advertising people, photographers, I could go on. I had decided that I wanted to start some kind of cloud service, brand, something; a web based business, I could already see the implications that social networking would have on search engines and change the scope of the internet, even back then. By 2008, I had a new computer (purchased in 2007), upgraded it from Vista to Windows XP, found drivers to make it work, patched in the rest; and had a new company based upon my unique username, all of which I learned as I went, I had no idea what I was getting into, or even why I wanted to learn it in the first place, I just had a vision and went with it.

Now it’s 2015, greyeyesgabriel international is still growing, improving; and headed in the right direction, after all, the company is based on me. There have been many times that I’ve wanted to just give it all up, to just call it quits on the whole thing and deleting across the board; especially when I had to physically code what is almost automatic plug and play now, no college or university offered a Webmaster Degree when I learned how to be a Webmaster. I became a registered Google Webmaster in order to learn how to become a webmaster, I taught myself graphic arts, I taught myself web design, HTML, CSS, just with resources I found on the internet; I had to learn how to code on different social network API networks to setup my own apps, if I really wanted to, I could write my own Tumblr template. At one time, I was one of the leading independent developers using Widgetbox to develop my own apps for websites; plugins and apps pretty much did away with that industry, needless to say, I am very much in the technological loop.

I am now a published author, published by my own publishing company, a division of my own international company; it’s never been an immediate goal, it’s never meant to be my main means of support. Sure it would be nice if it did create that sort of residual income someday, especially to the point where it could sustain itself; possibly have to hire people to help run it, isn’t that the point of success, to be able to help others succeed? But the fact is that the company is a sole proprietorship corporation of Gabriel B. McBride, aka greyeyesgabriel; the fact is that it is there, it’s been there, and as long as I can maintain cloud service, and an internet connection (and even if I don’t have internet), it will still be there maintaining or growing value. Some goals I’ve had longer than others, but building a valuable personal brand has always been the goal of greyeyesgabriel; web presence, social presence, with a viral advertising base of self promotion.

While I do use templates on some of the hosting services I use, I typically modify them to flow with my webwork; sometimes as far as modifying code to change it to what I want it to display or link to, because I do want a unique representation of my brand. That is also why my brand and many of the brand names are in lowercase letters, it’s a unique perspective of importance; and I like the way it flows better with the lowercase Georgia font “g,” which I was using before Google changed their uppercase “G” to a lowercase “g,” I liked how clean the loops are in the lowercase Georgia font, which is a very common typeface font. No matter how many evolutions my company has gone through over the years, the company has stayed consist in growth of popularity; and the company has real world potential as well as as online potential for success, success is in the eye of the beholder.

Much like beauty, I view my company as quite successful in the fact that it’s lasted longer than some other start ups; it is still growing and under development, and there is still some old stuff laying around that could go, but I get to see the analytical data and it is steady success not steady decline. You can ask anyone, they will tell you that I am constantly (consistently) “playing” on that computer; and this is what I have been “playing with” a crazy idea of selling myself on the internet and becoming a published author, this is why I rarely have time for app games, video games, chatting, much less stuff like dating. Believe it or not, it’s a business to run and develop; it’s not automatic, it’s not a business in a box, ideas don’t develop themselves. I’ve rattle on longer than I intended, I was just taking a break from web my work for a minute to post a passing thought; guess it was more than a passing thought, guess it was more like a consistent thought, or perhaps the persistent thought of madmen. (*insert evil laugh here*)

Failure is succeeding at discovering what doesn’t work, success is discovering what doesn’t fail.
Gabriel B McBride (via neemdbss)

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