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...greyeyesgabriel offers some free web publishing projects based in his interests, while they showcase some of his own talents; they are also meant to provide you with a means of free advertisement, marketing, or promoting of yourself and your own talents. It's not about what you can do for us, it's what we can do for you...

greyeyesgabriel international

Dj greyeyesgabriel

A music blog based upon the music that greyeyesgabriel listens to on the web, music videos and news; it's the soundtrack of his life.


Local Music

A submission blog of the concept that local music is international, thanks to the web and social networking, Local Music is a place to showcase your local talent to an international audience for free.


A personal opinion blog of greyeyesgabriel, where you can submit your own opinion or ask greyeyesgabriel a question. 


A Christian church that teaches the church is within you, founded by Reverend Gabriel B. McBride in 2004.


CosmicSpores started out as a side project for greyeyesgabriel as an interactive story, a choose your own adventure style of web design, it's an ongoing project.


 greyesgabriel publishing

 greyeyesgabriel poetry

A free submission blog where greyeyesgabriel shares his poetry with the world, and you can share your poetry too, and retain your all of your copyrights. 

 greyeyesgabriel art studio

 greyeyes sk8 shop

 by greyeyesgabriel

A personal blog by greyeyesgabriel where he shares his quotes, artwork, websites, and well, just about anything by greyeyesgabriel.

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