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greyeyesgabriel publishing

  The personal publishing company of the greyeyesgabriel brand, there are several different genres of books; from opinion and spiritual to physics, opinion, and fiction, he writes about it all. 

greyeyesgabriel poetry

  The poetry corner for the greyeyesgabriel brand, Gabriel B. McBride has been writing poetry since 1990 and has an extensive collection of poetry; he shares some of his poetry here, covering a wide range of topics. 

Dj greyeyesgabriel
  Gabriel has always enjoyed a wide range of music, his eclectic tastes keeps him progressively scouting for new musical talent; the plan is to expanding into a music/video production studio for independent artists, but this project was just the result of greyeyesgabriel doing something he could only dream of doing before the interwebs were a thing. 

  Believe it or not, greyeyesgabriel is an ordained Christian minister, to be fair, he is also an ordained Dudeist Priest and Charter Member of Dudeism; Reverend Gabriel B. McBride has studied not only the Holy Bible but has and does continue to study the history of Christianity, Theology, and Linguisticsof Ancient Languages, his core teachings are those of Rabbi Yeshua which defines the church as the flesh and blood of the Holy Spirit. 

greyeyesgabriel art studio
  This is the personal art studio of the greyeyesgabriel brand consisting of original art as well as photography, there are several items that are available through the shop; if you see something you would like printed on something, just let us know and we would be happy to add it to the store. 

greyeyes sk8 shop
  When he was younger, greyeyesgabriel liked skateboarding, he found it freeing as well as challenging; incorporating his artistic vision into his passion, he designed custom skateboard designs available in the sk8 shop. 

-E=m/c² (Neemdbss)
  From the mind of a thinker, greyeyesgabriel explores physics, his understanding of the universal formula of creation he discovered, and his ideas and concepts for warp drive technology and nuclear fusion; it's science and imagination to fuel science fiction into science fact, do you know how magnets work? 

greyeyes motorsports
  This is a private hot rod shop of the greyeyesgabriel brand, it is still a very new company and is just getting off the ground; we will be offering custom hot rods and hot rod accessories, keep checking back to see what we have available. 

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